Circular Travel Tickets

Indian Railways provides individuals with Circular Journey Ticket facilities, which are tickets issued by Indian Railways for all journeys starting and ending at the same station (except for regular routes).

  • For all booking classes, Circular Journey Tickets can be purchased and passengers are given a maximum of eight break trips during their voyage.
  • Endorsements for break journeys are not required for circular tickets.
  • Standard Circular Journey Tickets from Zonal Railways can also be obtained.
  • Details of such tickets, such as routes, fares, etc., can be obtained from the stations designated for each of the Zonal Railways.
  • Circular Journey Tickets provide a significantly lower passenger benefit than regular point-to-point tickets.
  • On a round-trip trip of at least 1,000 KM, a concession of 40% for men senior citizens and 50% for women senior citizens is granted.

Booking of Circular Journey Tickets

  • You can contact the Station Managers or the Commercial Management Division of the Division of which the boarding station belongs, after the journey is finalised.
  • On the basis of your Journey Route, authorities calculate the cost of the tickets and tell you about them.
  • You can purchase Circular Journey Tickets from the reservation office of the station you want to start your journey with the form provided by the authorities.
  • After purchasing the Circular Journey Ticket, visit the Booking Office to make the booking for different places during your trip.
  • You will be issued tickets reserved for the journey according to your chosen stations.

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