How do I order food in the train? -The IRCTC eCatering Scheme

eCatering IRCTC is an Indian Railways subsidiary which is responsible for providing passengers with quality and variety of food. With the eCatering Scheme, ordering food on the train of your choice has become simpler for travellers.

Passengers are also free to order food from their choice of restaurants at any time during their trip. eCatering Scheme offers passengers plenty to choose from, from simply combining daal, roti and chawal, to the famous Biryani Mughlai, delicious Pizzas, to choose from different food choices, to enjoy food just at their seats.

Unfortunately, eCatering is accessible at a few major railway stations where passengers can take advantage of these facilities.

How do I order food using the eCatering service?

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Follow these steps to order food on the train using the eCatering service

  • Download the IRCTC e-Catering app or head to the 
  • To access the selection of food options available at your station, enter your ten-digit PNR number. e-catering-11-catering
  • For most railway stations, debit cards, mobile wallets and cash on delivery are included in the mode of payment for train food delivery.
  • You get a good list of restaurants from which to select your favourite food. They have all sorts of restaurants and all sorts of food.
  • Choose and order your favourite meal!
  • Upon ordering, the consumer sits back and relaxes as their food is cooked and delivered to them.
  • The food at a specific station comes from the city’s famous restaurants, along with the local delicacies from the local restaurants.


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