How do you find out about Vacant Seat/Berth on a train?

During travel season, people are panicky to book their travel while checking the availability of train seats. In India, most passengers still want to travel by train.

It is unfortunate for some passengers that Indian Railways has an advanced ticket booking policy for up to four months prior to the date of travel.

If you are 100% positive about your journey, the advanced ticket booking service is a good choice, but that’s not the case for most people.
Finding out about the availability of tickets and seats on a particular date is a challenging and time-consuming issue when there are huge numbers of people at the ticket reservation counters.

Fortunately, you are covered by IRCTC, which lets you check on train seat availability, and that information is accurate and requires just a few moments to access and find out the seat availability.

How to find out about Vacant Seat/Berth on a train?
Check out the available vacant seat/berth on the train.

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