How is Live Train Status Checked?

It’s easy and does not take more than a few seconds to monitor your train’s live train running status. Follow these steps to check Live Train Status:

live train status check
  • Enter the name of the train/No in the box given.
  • Live Train Status will be displayed after entering the train name/No.

Live Train Status
It is strongly recommended for users to review the status alerts regularly as the train status changes at regular intervals. As the estimated time of arrival is near, the information on the status of the train is becoming more and more accurate.

Two things are vital to be noted when checking the Live Train Status. The first is the “Last Reported Location” and the second is the “Estimated Arrival Time (ETA)” at the next stoppages.

Users can easily check the status of trains via their mobile devices. The device can be monitored on the go and provides the passengers with direct information on the train status.

To check the live running status of your specific train, look for two key things:

Last Station Reported:
This tells you about the station where the train is located. It also informs you whether the train arrived or departed or crossed the specific station.

The Estimated Arrival Time (ETA):
It informs you the approximate time when the train is to hit any of the next stops. It is the time that travellers are likely to arrive at the station and board onto the train.

Approximately 90 percent of the time the train’s live train status updates come from a particular station about 8-10 minutes from the train arriving/departing/crossing the station.

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