How to find a train running schedule?

It is important for passengers to find out about the train schedule of a particular train they are planning to travel on, as it provides you with complete information about the train journey and how many stops it will take during the journey, as well as the estimated time the train will arrive at a particular station.

How can I find train times?

Follow these steps to find the train schedule for a certain train:

train schedule
  • Type in the name of the train or train number e.g. To get the train schedule for Bhubaneswar Express i.e. Train No. 12829 —either enter – BHU or 128.Train-Schedule 1
  • Enter the captcha to prove you are a real person.
  • The schedule of the train will show up.

A lot of useful information is included in the train schedule for any specific train. This information can help passengers get prepared for their travel.

The train schedule includes the following information:

Status of train running : It tells you that the train is running during which days of the week. “Y” signifies a yes and “N” signifies a no.

Arrival time and departure time: This informs you of the estimated time when the train arrives at a particular station and the estimated time when it departs from that particular station. The displayed is the expected time and it’s subject to change if the train is delayed.

Therefore, it tells you about when the train will arrive at a particular station on the journey.

Halt time/stop time: The time is provided in minutes. The train will stop at a particular station by the time. The train will hold on at that particular station for a certain amount of time and will then proceed to the next station.

Train Origin and Stoppages: In addition to the information provided above, the train schedule also gives the starting point for the train to travel, and tells you how many stops the train will have during the journey.

Be sure to check the train schedule before you make a reservation.

Below mentioned is a video explaining how to find a train running schedule.

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