How to find out about the trains affected by Fog?

Especially in winters, fog is a big problem when it makes it difficult for trains and buses to travel as the visibility range is drastically decreased so the trains are often delayed and postponed in severe cases.

If you were going to a particular location for an urgent task, this can be an issue as when the train is delayed or cancelled then it can cause the job to be hurdled.

How to find out about the trains affected by Fog?

Follow these steps to find out whether your train is delayed or cancelled due to fog:

Please head over to

Once the page loads, enter the train’s name or number to find out more. For example, 12028.

When you enter the train name or number, the search results will list the trains that are running and will inform you of whether or not your train is running or cancelled.

Click on the Train Status, Partially Cancelled Trains, Rescheduled Trains, Diverted Trains tabs to find out if your train is delayed or cancelled, diverted, or rescheduled due to fog.

This will be useful and helpful to you in finding out which trains to take for which routes.

Fully Cancelled: If your train is cancelled, a special notice will appear that includes the date the train was cancelled and the actual delay.

Partially cancelled: If the train has been cancelled, the system will tell you the stations  to  which the train has been cancelled.

Rescheduled: It will tell you about the rescheduled train by how much time it will be delayed and when it will depart.

Diverted: Whenever your train is diverted from its original path due to fog, it will show you that your train is being diverted from this station to this one.

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