Indian Railway Cloakrooms

  • The cloakrooms are used to secure your luggage at many of India’s major stations, which allow you to spend one or two days without thinking about your luggage. You can leave your baggage there by paying the specified costs.
  • Your baggage will be kept secure and you have the freedom to travel around the city without thinking about your baggage by storing your baggage in cloakrooms.
  • Make sure that it is tightly secured and properly to prevent any inconveniences until you deposit your luggage into the cloakrooms.
  • You obtain a receipt, which includes passenger names, ticket number, articles deposited with description, date & time of deposit, and the specifics of the deposit when you deposit your bag.
  • Only when you hand over your receipt with the necessary charges, depending on how long you have deposited their baggage, will you be able to get back your suitcase.

Maximum baggage time

The Maximum time period during which you leave your luggage at the Cloakrooms is around one month, however, some cloakrooms have a maximum period of 7 days. So before you leave your luggage, it’s wise to ask.

CloakRoom Basics

  • Before you can store your baggage, you ought to be in possession of a train ticket that specifies that you either arrive at the station or leave after a few days.
  • Your bags must be locked correctly and carefully. If it’s not properly locked, they can otherwise not allow your luggage.
  • Do not keep any food in your bags.
  • Look for the opening/closing time of the rooms so that you can pick up your luggage at the time you want.
  • You can only get your luggage back if you pay the requested fee along with the receipt you received at the time of the deposit.

Cloakroom facilities normal charges will be:

  • Rs. 20 for 24-hour locker use
  • Rs. 30 each 24 extra hours
  • Rs. 15 for 24-hour cloakroom rental
  • Rs. 20 per 24 hours extra

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