Indian Railway Waiting Rooms

Nor does Indian Railways provide you with Retiring Rooms (which are not free), but it also offers waiting rooms for its passengers and is intended for passengers departing from a specific station.

You can use the waiting rooms and their facilities at no cost, as opposed to retirement rooms where you have to pay to stay in a specific room. They are intended for all travellers and are served on the basis of first come first served.

Only if you have a reserved ticket can you stay in a waiting room, and this waiting room facility is only intended for passengers who are to be deported from a specific station.

If you arrived at a station via the train, then you won’t be able to use the waiting rooms, however retiring rooms is an alternative if they are accessible at that station.

One can easily find a public waiting room on most of the train stations throughout the country. They only have chairs where you can sit instead of beds like retirement rooms. Toilets are available, but there are no shower facilities.

It is possible to wait in the waiting room before the next train arrives. Passengers who arrive up to 3 hours before scheduled departure of the train are allowed to board the train.

Categories of Waiting Rooms
There are 3 different kinds of waiting rooms:

Class Lower:
Non-AC rooms are available for SL/2S passengers, and confirmed tickets are acceptable.

They are specially reserved for ladies and are non-AC rooms that have confirmed or RAC tickets for SL/2S passengers.

Upper class:
They are air-conditioned rooms that are for passengers of 3A/2A/1A/EC/CC.

All type of waiting facilities /rooms are equipped with toilets.

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