Is it possible to change the boarding station for a booked ticket?

IRCTC offers a lot of facilities for its passengers and one such facility that passengers have is that they can change the boarding station of a booked ticket.

Yes, the tickets you have booked online can be changed via IRCTC. You can change E-Tickets booked through IRCTC to any station that falls between the source and destination stations you have already booked.

If the station falls between your already booked source and the destination station, you can change the boarding point to that station.

This can take place 24 hours before the scheduled train departure. You can transfer to any station between your destination and your source 24 hours before the train’s departure.

This facility for changing the boarding station is available for tickets booked through IRCTC (e-tickets). If your ticket is an i-ticket, this is not applicable as this facility is not available for i-tickets.

Once the passenger has changed the boarding station, they can not change the boarding point to the original station or to another station once it has.

If a passenger changes the boarding station for his journey, he will lose all rights to board the train from the original boarding station and will not be able to board the train from the original station. Only the newly selected boarding station can board the train.

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