Reserved Train Availability Between Stations

It is important to find out about the trains that run between two stations before you book tickets for a specific train. You will not only be able to find out about the trains that run between the stations, but you will also be able to find out other information about those trains, such as which train takes less time to reach the destination.

How can reserved trains be found between stations?

Between stations, you can easily locate the reserved trains and follow these steps to do so:

Open your web browser and go to

You can see multiple fields after the page loads up.

  • To find out the booked trains for that specific day, enter the Journey Date.
  • Enter the Source Station in the box that you will start your journey from.
  • In the Destination Station box, enter the station you will be arriving at.
  • You can also check Flexible with Date if you would like to keep it.
train between stations

Also provide the captcha check.

Along with other information, a list of all reserved trains between stations will appear.

The details which will be shown includes:

train query

Name and Number of the Trains

The name of the train and its precise number were seen.


It is the source station or the point where the train will begin its journey from.


It is the destination station or the spot where the train will finish its journey.

Departure and Time for Arrival

The time of departure is the estimated time the train departs from the Source Station and the time of arrival is the estimated time of arrival at which the train arrives at the Destination Station.

Travelling Time

It is the estimated time the train takes to get to the Destination Station from the Source Station or from Origin to Destination.

Running Days Timetable

It explains the timetable of a train on which days does it run. “Y” indicates yes, while “N” indicates no.

It could tell you which class tickets can be booked on a particular train.

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