What are the chances of confirmation of my wait-list ticket?

When you book a ticket for any Indian Railway to travel across the country then you will likely end up on wait list. Waiting List usually means you are on the waiting list until someone with a confirmed ticket cancels their reservation.

Millions of people travel on trains on a regular basis, so there is a high probability that you will end up on a train waiting list.

It is very important for you to find out how likely your ticket is to be confirmed and to see for yourself the confirmation chances.

The chance of confirmation may be HIGH, MEDIUM, OR LOW.

When you search your PNR No. status on IRCTC Website, it shows you “WL 25/WL16”, which isn’t clear whether you stand a chance of  getting a confirmed ticket.

WL 25/WL16 means you are on the waiting list number 25, but 9 cancellations have already been made before you, so your current waiting list position is 16th.

If more individuals cancel their confirmed ticket, the first number will stay the same, i.e. 25th, but the next number will pass up, i.e. 16th to 15th and so  on. As soon as you have obtain the RAC status, travelling by train is remarkably easy.

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