What is meant by RAC status?

Sometimes your ticket is included in the RAC List when you book your Indian Railway ticket. Reservation Against Cancellation or RAC tickets means that when you get a seat on the train, it will not be given to you alone, but it will be shared by a co-passenger.

Most of the side lower seats are for shared use, but if there are some available seats, the TTE may assign a full seat to you, but if there are no available seats, you must share your seat with a co-passenger.

You can cancel RAC tickets with minimal cancellation charges if you want a full berth for your journey. If someone wants to cancel their RAC ticket, they can  before 30 minutes until the train departs for its original departure station.

There will be no refund given if RAC tickets are cancelled less than 2 minutes before the train departs from the original station.

If the ticket is booked online, then it should be cancelled over the Internet and the refund shall be immediately credited to the user’s account.

If the train is more than three hours late from the scheduled departure time, the customer will be entitled to full fare refunding after the train is delayed.

If the train is cancelled, the passenger will be refunded the entire amount of the fare without any cancellation fees.

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