With a Confirm Ticket Missed Train

If you get a confirmed ticket for Indian Railways, it might not be a good idea to cancel your ticket or to miss a train as you are confirmed to have a full seat. It is essential that you arrive at the boarding station on time so that your train may not be missed.

However, if you are unable to enter the station for any emergency reason and miss the train, then it is necessary to find out what your chances of a refund are and how you can reach the destination.

 Reserved Ticket

If you for any reason miss your train with a confirmed reservation, you will need to purchase another ticket to use in the reserved coaches.

Refund (TDR)

When it comes to collecting your ticket refund, you may or may not receive a refund from the Indian Railways. According to the TDR guideline, you must provide a detailed and unambiguous explanation as to why you missed the train.

Whether or not you will be granted a refund will depend on various factors in the application process.

TDRs may be filed within one hour of the departure of the train from the charting station. After that, a TDR cannot be submitted and a refund will not be granted.

Since the chart was prepared by the train authority, you will not be able to cancel the ticket once the chart was prepared because of the rules.

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